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My Office Ends Season in Second Place
     July 16th, 2008 @ 6:15 PM
Tonight's game didn't have much of an impact on the standings for second place. My Office had it locked up with the head-to-head record against Tubbs and Kimmel. With a My Office victory, we would remain in second place and Kimmel would take third leaving Tubbs in 4th. A Tubbs victory still left My Office in second but it would put Tubbs in 3rd over Kimmel.

The first couple innings had My Office holding on to a small lead, but they watched it evaporate in the third inning when Tubbs put up five runs. That was enough for Tubbs to go on to a victory. My Office had some chances, but the teams' hitting was flat and My Office just could not pull out another late victory over Tubbs.

In a side light to today's game Kelly Stewart was working to break a record set in 2002 by Dan Uskoski. The Batting Average record is a record that many people try for, but they tend to come up short in the end. This year however Kelly hit the ball well all season and went 3 for 4 in tonight's game to secure the Batting Average record. He also set the On Base Average record as well.
My Office Completes Season Sweep Over K&K Electric
     July 10th, 2008 @ 8:45 PM
K&K Electric has had a hard time in their first season in the Pullman City A-League. In the first meeting on June 18th My Office scored a team record 31 runs. Tonight's game was not quiet the high scoring affair, but My Office did manage to 12-run K&K Electic in the 6th inning.

On offense All-Star selection Nick Darling went 3 for 4 with two stand-up doubles and 4 RBI. Nick was also part of the "Play of the Game", which actually was a series of plays. In the 2nd inning, our other All-Star selection, Kelly Stewart, was playing third base. Nick was playing at first base. The inning featured three straight 5-3 put-outs on three straight batters. The last one had Kelly charging the ball and making a hard throw to get the runner out by a step.

Scotty Anderson, who has struggled pitching all season long, didn't make it out of the first inning during his last outing against K&K Electric, pitched four shutout innings with a solid defense behind him. A telling statistic of tonight's game was the fact that K&K Electric left only 4 runners on base and scored only 2 runners.
My Office Splits Another Double Header
     July 9th, 2008 @ 6:15 PM and 7:30 PM
From one good game to a second horriable game, that is the story for tonight's two games. The first game tonight was against the Bomb Squad, which has been on a skid lately. My Office has faced Bomb Squad three previous times this season. My Office lost all three games with a combined score of 39 to 54. Bomb Squad seemed to have My Offices' number. But tonight it would be different.

Our outfield was making all the routine plays and getting to all the flyouts in the outfield. That was a contrast when compared to the Bomb Squad outfield which seemed to struggle tonight. My Office had 7 extra-base hits, putting runs across the plate every inning. My Office also held Bomb Squad to four runs.

In the second game My Office played the third and final game of the regular season against Coors Light. In the previous two outings My Office had a chance to beat Coors Light, but Coors Light would find the basehits needed to take the lead and win both games. Tonight was different.

My Office was off to a quick ten run deficit. They would score three runs in the third inning, but that is all they were able to score in this five-inning game. Coors Light seemed to be on target with all of their hits finding all the gaps. My Offices' defense was strong as it normally was, but Coors Light just hit.
Therrien Topples Tubbs
     July 8th, 2008 @ 6:15 PM
In a game that featured four homeruns by My Office it was grounder with eyes that won the game. With two runners on base, two out and trailing by one, Josh Therrien, who was 3 for 5 on the night, came to the plate hitting a grounder that got past the left side of the infield and rolled into the outfield where the hard-charging outfielder over-ran the ball. This allowed the two runners on base to score.

Offensively, My Office hit collectively .524 on the night with Kelly Stewart leading the team with four hits, two of which were homeruns. Even with Kelly's offensive output he only earned 3 RBI. Tonight's game the RBI were spread among nine different players. This was a team effort for the win.

It is games like these that come down to the final at bats. That come down to solid defense. That come down to the team picking each other up. It is games like these that shows that My Office is indeed a "team" not just a bunch of random guys wearing the same shirt.
My Office Splits Double Header
     July 2nd, 2008 @ 6:15 PM and 7:30 PM
My Office is still battling for first place in the league. But this season there has not been a run away league leader so far. My Office need to win out to have a chance and playing against a dangerous Kimmel team My Office would have their work cut out. This evening My Office had a double header against Kimmel.

In the first game the ball had no pop and neither team was hitting the ball with any real power. My Office took a three run lead into the bottom of the sixth inning. That is when Kimmel's bats finally came alive. Up until that point Jake Stewart had a shutout in the works. Five straight innings with Kimmel going scoreless. Jake came in after the bases were loaded to start pitching in the first inning. He was able to get the final out leaving the bases loaded. The sixth inning Kimmel put up a six-spot and took a lead that My Office was not able to overcome.

Going into the second game a couple new balls where put into play. That allowed My Office to tee off. Nick Darling has been hitting clean up and in the second game went 3 for 4 with two doubles and a homerun. Scotty Anderson came back after going 0 for 3 in the first game. Scotty went 3 for 3 with a triple. My Office went on to a victory keeping a .500 record. They are still in the hunt for first place.
Lack of Hitting Costs My Office a Victory
     July 1st, 2008 @ 6:15 PM
Playing against Coor's Light is a great change for My Office to move closer to first place in the A-League. Even with some of our losses we are still in the hunt for the league championship. Many of the teams have beat up on each other. We have only lost to two teams. The problem is we have played those two teams twice. We have to figure out a way to beat both of the teams. One team was Coor's Light

As seems to be a common thread with My Office this season we have a team with great defense, but we still have periods of time where we struggle at the plate. Tonight was no different. We started the first inning going up and down 1-2-3.

Coor's Light was held down almost the whole game. It wasn't until the 5th inning when the My Office defense gave Coor's Light an extra out. They capitalized on that free out by scoring five additional runs. They took the lead in the game and My Office was never able to get it back.
My Office Holds on to Victory
     June 25th, 2008 @ 6:15 PM
After playing K&K Electric last week and scoring a combine 49 runs today's game looked to be another offensive game. However, today's game had a combined 13 runs, which was less than the two teams combined to score in the first inning of their last meeting.

My Office went to the plate in the first inning and had a quick three-up and three-down inning. It was the second inning with a homerun by Nick Darling to give My Office their first run. Nick also scored the second run of the game with another homerun. My Office would need some offense by the other players in order to win this game.

My Office did get some offense rolling later in the game, but never scored more than two runs in any given inning. The story of today's game was defense.

There were many good defensive plays in the game to keep it close. Nick had a hard hit grounder at him at first base. He was able to touch his bag and threw to second for a near-miss on getting the out. My Office did get a double play early in the game when a fly ball sailed out to Warren Faber in left field. He came up firing to second base to get the runner who was trying to advance.

With two runners on base for K&K Electric and two out, My Office needed to make the final out. K&K Electric had already pushed one runner across the plate and the game winning run was on first base. The final out was a grounder to third base. Kelly Stewart gloved it and threw to secondbase for the final out.
My Office Rally Comes Up Short
     June 24th, 2008 @ 8:45 PM
Having not beaten Bomb Squad this season, but running on a three game winning streak something had to give. Tonight My Office took a quick four run lead off of two homeruns, but My Office was also was playing with only nine players on the field. That would cost us in the outfield.

As a team My Office was hitting well. Warren Faber was 4 for 4, again needing only a triple for the cycle. Scotty Anderson had a breakout game going 3 for 3 with a walk. Other players were also lighting up the score board lead by Kelly Stewart's five RBI. But it was just not enough.

Early in the game My Office was turning some double plays. Including one in the second inning where a ball bounced back to the pitcher, but got under his mitt going to second base. It hit off the base and bounced into the second baseman's chest. The runner turned the corner hard at third. The second baseman threw it to the third baseman. A run down was started. The batter took second as the run down was taking place. My Office had a good rundown with many players from around the infield joining in. Just was the baserunner got tagged out, the batter was trying to take third. The ball was thrown back to third base where the tag was applied also getting the batter out. It was a great double play.

Bomb Squad went to work in the top of the seventh inning scoring six runs taking a five run lead. My Office went to work. Three runs were put across the plate. Two runners were on base with two out. Nick Darling was given an IBB. That loaded the bases. But the next hit was a grounder to third for the final out.
My Office Topples Tubbs
     June 19th, 2008 @ 6:15 PM
With Tubbs at the top of the standings in the Pullman City League, and My Office starting with two losses it was important for My Office to win tonight's game. Coming off two straight nights of powerful bats we were not too worried about our production at the plate.

After giving up a quick five runs to Tubbs, My Office dug in and went to work. My Office put a five-spot on the board to stay even with Tubbs. After the second inning Tubbs has a small one-run lead. The My Office defense went to work. With a 4-3-2 double play, Tubbs had a run kept off the board. That turned out to be a big run later in the game.

As the seventh inning came Tubbs was held scoreless. The game score was tied and My Office had their last at bats. Getting a couple runners on base quickly did not help My Office win the game. With a couple untimely pop-ups the inning came to a quick end.

The game goes into extra innings. My Office's defense again shut down Tubbs. Tubbs didn't have anyone on base when their third out was recorded. My Office went to work quickly getting a runner on to second base. With first base open, Peter Schatzer was given his first ever IBB. Kelly Stewart came to the plate needing only a base hit to win the game. He did better than that, capping off his 5 for 5 night, by hitting a double scoring the winning run.
My Office Record Runs Output
     June 18th, 2008 @ 6:15 PM
Playing against K&K Electric for the first time ever My Office didn't know what to expect. This has been a strange season with all the teams pretty even in ability. No one team has emerged as a powerhouse team. This was our first game of the season playing in Moscow. The sunlight on those fields can be brutal because of the orientation of the field in relation to the path of the sun.

We started hitting and the sun was directly in the eyes of the left fielder. Many of our hitters took advantage of that and placed them in front of the outfielder. Many of the hits could have been outs, but they dropped in due to the fielder losing the ball in the sun. My Office batted around in the first inning scoring 11 runs.

K&K Electric went to work and promptly scored 7 runs to make it a much closer game. My Office didn't get anyone across the plate in the second inning and K&K Electric scored again. But following that inning My Office poured on the hits and did not look back. My Office scored 20 more runs over the next four innings.

My Office had some nice defensive plays including a 3-1 putout involving Dave Meddish and Jake Stewart. Dave was excited about the play as it was the first 3-1 he was involved with as a pitcher. Travis Brown late in the game had a great throw home to get the runner out at the plate.

Due to the offensive output in today's game every player could be mentioned. Warren Faber went 4 for 5 needing only a triple for the cycle. Jake went 5 for 6 with two doubles and Anthony Castro was 6 for 6 with two doubles.
My Office Records First Win of Regular Season
     June 17th, 2008 @ 8:45 PM (by Jake Stewart)
Tonight, My Office came out and played the best game of the year. Taking on Chipman, Gormson, and Kimmel who was currently first in the league is no easy task. My Office started off strong by winning the first inning and never looked back.

It is with hope that My Office will not suffer any additional rain outs in order to help keep these hot bats going. The whole game featured runs scoring every inning and hits by all the players through out the line up. Travis Brown led the team with two homeruns and five RBI in his 4 for 4 night at the plate. Kelly Stewart made his return with a 3 for 4 night, only needing a triple for the cycle.
My Office Unable to Overcome Early Lead by Coors Light
     June 12th, 2008 @ 8:45 PM
Playing in only the second regular we started by allowing fifteen runs in the first three innings. This is in spite of great defensive plays. But the team would rally in the third inning to score nine runs and make it a closer game.

Going into the last few innings of the game My Office stopped Coors Light from adding a lot of runs, but Coors Light was getting enough runs to keep a small lead over My Office. That lead was extending by one in the final inning putting My Office down by four runs. Unfortunately, in the final at bat for My Office, the bats did not stay warm. My Office had a quick three-up three-down inning allowing Coors Light to take the victory, dropping My Office to a record of 0 and 2 in the regular season.

Today's game included four double plays including one in the first inning started by Nick Darling. He was moving to his right for a hard hit ground ball. He gloved it and was still moving right towards left field. He did a no-look behind his head toss to Matt Lackey, the short stop in today's game. Matt took the ball to second base and fired the ball to first for the double play.

Later in the game a long flyball was hit to deep center field. Peter Schatzer made a catch near the fence. With a runner tagging up from first, Peter threw a laser to Nick who was covering second base. The runner was out by three steps.
First Game Following Seven Straight Rainouts
     June 5th, 2008 @ 6:15 PM
After having suffered through a month of rainouts, seven in all, My Office finally got to play a game. It was raining during most of this game. The rain started just as the game was about to get underway. We were able to get a complete game in through the rain.

We were playing against the Bomb Squad, the team we played against in our final game of the pre-season, which also turned out to be our last game. Unlike the last meeting where the two teams hit a total of twelve homeruns, this game featured only one homerun by Travis Brown, who went 3 for 4 on the night with a double and single in his other hits.

It was clear the bats have gotten a little rusty because as a team we had eight pop-up outs. We were not able to get any inning going. It seemed like as soon as anything got going we would quickly get a couple outs via the pop-up. Defensively we played a little better than in our last meeting with the Bomb Squad. Bomb Squad never had a big inning against us, but they chipped away every inning scoring a couple runs. With our bats doing poorly, even a small lead was too much to over come.

However, this team is very talented and we will only get better and stronger as the season heats up. By the end of the season My Office should be battling for first place.
My Office Loses Slugfest
     May 6th, 2008 @ 8:45 PM
My Office and the Bomb Squad got into a slug fest on the city playfields last night as the game would be ended due to running out of time rather than playing all seven innings. The game featured a total of twelve homeruns.

Defensively My Office looked rusty. My Office allowed several errors which helped to extend the inning for Bomb Squad. Offensively, however, My Office showed signs of life. With six homeruns and twenty runs scored, overall the offense is pretty potent averaging more than twenty runs a game. Phil Gruen was 4 for 4 with four RBI with a triple and homerun. Peter Schatzer was moved to the lead off position due to his high average and speed. He excelled tonight with a 4 for 4 night with 3 doubles and a homerun. Nick Darling added two homeruns on a 2 for 3 night with 3 RBI.
New Look Team
     May 1st, 2008 @ 6:15 PM
This is the start of a new season with a reloaded My Office team. We are looking to have solid play from solid players. Looking back at last season's 8 - 8 record, it shouldn't be hard for this season's team to best that record. A group of men from Palouse Tavern, formerly an A-league team, and from My Office have formed the new My Office team. With two pick ups from the Cougar Country Nadirs.

Our first game was against the Tax Dodgers. Through out the years the Tax Dodgers have been the biggest rival of My Office. Like any good rival game both teams came to play and have fun. The Tax Dodgers and My Office have had epic battles in years past. However, last season the Tax Dodgers played in the C-league. This is the first meeting of the teams in more than a year.

The first inning was shaky for My Office as a couple errors allowed the Tax Dodgers to score four runs. But from that point on, My Office ruled the game. The Tax Dodgers were not able to score again. My Office on the other hand put runs on the board every inning including the second inning where My Office scored eleven runs. Leading the way was Phil Gruen with five RBI on a 2 for 3 night at the plate with a triple. Kelly Stewart was 3 for 3 needing only a triple for the cycle. He scored 3 runs and 3 RBI.