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a.k.a "Sheff"  
Short Stop, 3rd base Lobo Computer Services

     May, 11th 2006 @ 2:00 PM
Duane joined the My Office Bar and Grill team in the summer of 2004. His softball career started off slow as he had trouble changing his baseball swing into a softball one, but his game adapted gradually over the course of his first season.

Some might say Duane plays the game with reckless abandon as he rarely leaves a game with his uniform clean or without eye black smeared under his eyes. He severely sprained his ankle in the summer of 2004 and played the better part of the 2005 season with his left leg constantly cut open from constant sliding. Then again, it's unknown to what degree the pre-game Coors Lights should be held accountable for these injuries...

Finally adding the long ball to his game, Duane enjoys hitting ahead of Eric Biesen in the order and hitting home runs with no one on base, thus justifying the many "Han Solo" chants. Although, he is more commonly referred to as "Sheff" for his trademark bat wiggle upon stepping foot in the batter's box.
     May, 11th 2006 @ 2:00 PM