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Left Field Lobo Computer Services

     May, 28th 2003 @ 9:15 PM
Matt started playing softball in the Spring of 2002. He played for the Valley Road Nadirs, a WSU Intramural softball team. He started in Right-Center field and has since been moved to Left-Center. Before playing softball with the Nadirs, Matt spent about 9 years playing organized baseball.

Matt enjoys the outfield. He is able to cover a large amount of ground. Many times he makes diving and jumping catches. In the few years Matt has been playing softball, he has earned several honors. They include the Valley Road Nadirs "Brandon Kunz MVP Award" and he has twice won the "Outfielder's Gold Glove" award.

Matt has a bright future in both Intramural softball as well as summer softball with My Office Bar and Grill. While playing for My Office, Matt has his sights set on earning the team record for doubles, triples, and RBI's.
     May, 26th 2003 @ 2:00 PM
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